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DIY Hand Sanitizer

Store shelves empty? Make your own DIY hand sanitizer with simple ingredients.

Is anxiety about the Coronavirus getting you down? We are constantly told the best defense is to wash and sanitize our hands often. If you have been to a drugstore lately, you might notice that hand sanitizers are scarce if they are in stock at all. Don't panic! You can make your own hand sanitizer with ingredients that are likely still in stock:

DIY Hand Sanitizer:

1 TBSP aloe vera gel

2 TBSP Isopropyl Alcohol 70%

4-5 drops of essential oil. Choose your favorite. (I used 4 drops of lavender, 1 drop of bergamot)

portable spray bottles, dropper bottles, squirt bottles (whatever you have on hand, probably found in your travel kit).


Pour alcohol and aloe vera gel into a bowl, mix with a spoon. Add essential oil and mix again. (Take care to avoid breathing in the alcohol fumes as much as possible). Use a funnel to pour sanitizer into bottles.

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