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On Dr. Oz: Healthy Fall Treat! Greek Yogurt Dip for Apples

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

My favorite flavors come in the form of a fall treat. If they are healthy, that's a bonus (though not strictly necessary). The team at the Dr. Oz Show asked me to share how I like to indulge using Greek yogurt this week. I decided to make a dip for some locally picked apples.

It is SUPER SIMPLE. Using a rich, Greek yogurt, I drizzled maple syrup from Soukup Farms on top. I dipped apple slices and then topped it with our Wicked Finch Pumpkin Spiced Cranberry White Chocolate Granola. That's it!

This encompassed all the top fall flavors (apples, maple, pumpkin spice), no baking, cooking or more than 2 minutes needed. Hooray!

There's still lots of time to go apple picking and pumpkin picking. Dutchess County is full of orchards like Harvest Moon Orchard, Barton Orchards, and Dykeman's Farmstand.

Need maple syrup? Soukup Farms nearby is a multi-generational farm producing the good stuff.

Our granola can be found on our Wicked Finch Farm Etsy shop, or if you book a stay with us, we will hook you up with our fall treats anyway :) Our Airbnb is a perfect spot to hit all of the fun Hudson Valley fall activities.

Happy snacking!

You can watch our Dr. Oz segment below:

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